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A job catalog gives you many advantages, be it gaining ability for strategic workforce planning, improving recruiting or speed in building a job architecture. But to be successful, some important building blocks should be in place.

Be aware of your project scope

Does your company want to optimize an existing job catalog or do you start completely from scratch? The size and complexity of the project will vary with your specific situation. This in turn will influence your time frame and the resources you need. …

How organizations can anticipate the future impact of new technologies on their workforce, today.

We have been supporting Andy designing a job architecture for the corporation he has been building his career with. In that one meeting he was clearly in distress. His Board had asked him to provide them with a reasonable number of employees which can safely be laid off. Besides of having to let valuable people go, he was uneasy because cutting employee costs apparently seems to have been the only option being discussed to counter a changing technology environment.

New technologies have an undeniable impact on…

A well-designed job architecture will make your organization more agile and efficient. But you need to be a team-player to get there.

Designing a job architecture affects your entire organization — the goal is to drive your business eventually. Thus, it is vital to get the right people on board. This guide helps you identifying those colleagues which you need in your team to support the design and implementation and make your job architecture a success.

Job architecture goes by many names such as job catalog, job structure, job library or leveling. However, they all refer to the infrastructure of…


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